Coming Soon: Gun Ranges That Serve Alcohol

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Nothing says fun like booze and guns right? Well, that’s a sentiment that one Oklahoma gun range is taking aim at.

Of course, the two won’t ever be mixed as there are safeguards proposed to be set in place, but the co-owner of Wilshire Guns, Jeff Swanson, states, “We wanted to build a place where you could come in, shoot, enjoy the retail area and then go to the café.”

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Well, the guys over at The Five had a bit to say about it.  Although many disagreed thinking it was illogical to offer alcohol at a place where firearms are regularly shot, some of the others disagreed.


As explained by Swanson, after patron’s partake in their first beverage, their license will be immediately scanned which will automatically ban them entry from the shooting portion of the facility. Some on the panel felt that these were adequate measures to ensure a safe environment and expressed the desire of having a drink after popping off a few rounds.

What do you guys think – recipe for disaster or glorious idea? Let us know in a comment below.

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