OBGYN Snaps Nudie Pics Of Patients

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An OBGYN has recently found himself in a bit of trouble after police discovered that he had taken pics of one of his patients without permission.  According to reports, he managed to get two of a woman’s, “public region and her buttocks,” and now has a warrant out for his arrest.

The news comes out of Arkansas as police have explained that Paul Becton Jr. hasn’t been seen since the warrant has been issued and they believe him to be out of town.  Police learned of the man’s perverted actions after a woman came forward and told Arkansas State Police about the incident.

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On April 10, police were able to secure a search warrant, and confiscated the phone.  The arrest warrant reads that police, “Found in the deleted images within the hard-drive of the cellular telephone were numerous images of nude females that appear to have been taken in a medical office during medical examinations.”


Along with this, “Also recovered during the examination were what appear to be photographs,” of the woman who came forward validating her claims.  There is no word yet on how many victims the twisted OB was able to snap less than appropriate pics of, but details will soon be released upon his arrest.

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As of right now, the 30 year veteran doctor has only been charged in relation to the five pics allegedly snapped of the unsuspecting woman. According to Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington, “When a woman goes to the doctor, she should expect that her privacy not be violated,” – a sentiment not apparently shared with the doctor.

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