MSNBC: Arrest Of Woman Who Left Kids In Hot Car ‘Punishing The Poor’

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A woman by the name of Shanesha Taylor was arrested after she locked her children, ages 2 and 6 months old, in her car that reached 100+ degree temperatures while she went on a job interview.

Taylor claimed that she had nobody to watch them so she thought it was okay to leave them in the sweltering heat for 45 minutes while she was inside an air conditioned building. When they were discovered, the two children were found balling their eyes out and sweating profusely.

By most everybody’s standards, no matter what the circumstances are you don’t leave a child in the car with temperatures so hot since in most cases it will kill them. Fortunately for Taylor that didn’t happen, however now she faces punishment for endangering her children.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has a different perspective on the story, and rather than hold the mother accountable for nearly baking her children to death he seems to think it’s the state of Arizona’s fault for cutting social welfare programs that left Taylor in a tough position.

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“Where the system fails over and over and over again is at supporting people so that they do not find themselves in situations where they are doing the things that we can punish them for,” he stated.

He then explained that he agrees it’s not a good idea to leave a child in a car, however she was just doing what she was told to do by politicians and pundits alike and trying to get a job “in a state… that has cut 40% of its total child care budget.”

“At the end of this whole awful situation, a mother is separated from her kids without a job, looking at up to a seven-year prison sentence.

“If there is one thing American policy towards the poor is skilled and efficient at, is unrelenting, it is punishing the poor,” he concluded.

Considering the circumstances it’s hard to not have some sort of sympathy for a woman who’s trying to get things in order by getting a job. After all, it’s what we all truly hope will happen with those who are receiving some sort of state welfare, however there were other options other than endangering the lives of her children. This is especially true given that the majority of people would be understanding of her situation and perhaps allow her to bring the children into the building?

It’s being reported that a website set up to help assist Taylor, who’s both single and homeless at the moment, with her legal expenses that has raised over $77,000 so far.

Would you have left your children in a sweltering car? Let us know with a comment!

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