Candidates For World’s Toughest Job Asked To Perform Impossible Tasks

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Sitting down for a supposed job interview, 24 candidates had no idea what they were in for.  Suggesting impossible demands and literally no pay, those being interviewed were soon to learn that many already hold the position.

The video starts out by showing the interviewees sitting down and beginning their interview that they had been selected for.  Eager for the opportunity, they were quick to find out that this job wasn’t all it is cracked up to be.

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Titled, “Director of Operations,” the candidates were soon to learn the many grueling tasks required of them.  First of which was the 135 hour work week and mandated overtime whenever the “associate” was in need of assistance.


Those being interviewed became increasingly frustrated as they were told that their position was allotted almost no down time and required employees to be standing at all times.  Further more frustrating those in the hot seat, they learned that their job would go into the wee hours of the night as they were on call at all times and expected to work when needed.

To top off the horrible position, they were finally told how much they would be getting paid: $0.  Nothing.  Completely blown back by the demands, and the audacity of the proposed employer to offer nothing in compensation, he was soon to let the candidates in on a little secret.

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There is already someone doing just that, in fact, billions of people already hold the position.  Completely baffled at how many people would be dumb enough to work under such expectations the man revealed that another name for the position held, is mom.

The heart wrenching reveal leaves viewers sure to pick up the phones and give that special someone a call.  So what do you think guys? Let’s give moms everywhere a shout out below.

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