Ben Carson: Disarm Neighborhood Watch Because Of Zimmerman Case

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According to Ben Carson, Americans should reconsider whether or not they want neighborhood watchmen carrying firearms after what happened in Florida between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

According to the DailyCaller, in his new book titled “One Nation: What We Can Do To Save America’s Future,” the esteemed neurosurgeon lamented that “Though the days of legalized segregation are over, racist bigotry and prejudice still exist today, both in overt and covert ways.

“I can remember times when I would be walking in a white neighborhood and in short order a police car would show up, undoubtedly summoned by a concerned onlooker. Unfortunately, this and worse still happens today, as evidenced by the Trayvon Martin case. ”

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He continued with his story, blaming Martin’s race for Zimmerman’s actions and explaining how Zimmerman “shot and killed Martin after an altercation.”

“The real tragedy is that a young life was lost and another ruined because both individuals made assumptions about the other that were probably untrue. I hope this tragedy is not useless and we can learn something about how neighborhood watchpersons should be trained by police and what types of weapons, if any, they should use,” he opined.

He concluded by suggesting a less lethal for of weaponry for the watchmen.

“I love the idea of tasers for neighborhood guardians, because they usually are not lethal,” he said.

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Carson tends to have mainly conservative views when it come to social issues and reducing the size and scope of the government. The outspoken critic of Obamacare has made headlines for his sharp criticisms and genuine dislike of liberal policies, leading many on the left to call him things such as “Uncle Tom” and other derogatory terms.

However it’s no secret that Dr. Carson is a proponent of restricting the Second Amendment to an extent, as he has on several occasions been more than vocal about his views when it comes to the contentious topic of gun control. This is the one area where his views don’t align with many conservatives who feel that there’s already strict enough laws regarding firearms and think that anything further would be a major infringement on our rights.

One has to wonder that if the door is opened to restricting civilians who are volunteering for a duty from protecting themselves what will follow suit?

Do you think that neighborhood watchmen should be banned from carrying firearms? Let us know with a comment!

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