Parents Catch Intruder Breaking Into Baby’s Nursery

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A new report out of Harris County Texas is sure to give you the creeps.

The parents of a 2-year-old discovered that a strange man had crept into their home and eerily loomed over their toddler’s crib in the middle of the night. He shined a flashlight at the sleeping child before moving on to other areas of the home.


Luckily, the residence was equipped with security cameras, even in the baby’s room.


Thinh Le was first prompted to check the footage from his home’s surveillance system when his laptop and briefcase were found on the neighbor’s lawn. He was certain that the items had been in the house the night before when he went to bed. He also found $60 missing from his wallet.

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Le says of what he witnessed on the surveillance footage:

“My stomach was turning. I was really upset [about] what happened. As soon as I know we got broke into, I went in there right away and I checked on him. I kissed him so hard. I was so happy to see him. He’s OK.”

The intruder appeared to be a Hispanic male between the ages of 16 and 18. He wore a New Era baseball cap with a San Antonio Spurs logo. Police say he entered the home through an unlocked first floor window.


The young man attempted another break-in on the same night in the subdivision where the Le’s live, but he was deterred by the homeowners’ dog.

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Crystal Cox, the neighbor who found Le’s laptop in her yard, said of the home invader:

“He had no problem being in someone’s house, knowing that they were home asleep. That takes a lot of nerve.”

The incident occurred on April 5.

Watch the footage of the intruder in the Le’s home and let us know how it made you feel in the comments section. Will you be having nightmares of unwelcome guests making their way into your home in the dead of night?

H/T: The Blaze

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