EXPOSED: Obama’s Illegal Alien Family Members


April 16, 2014 11:20am PST

Recently while addressing a crowd in New York City at Al Sharpton’s annual conference, President Obama once again laughed off suspicions that his birth certificate isn’t real.

He was addressing a crowd of voter ID law opponents when he took a rather tough jab at those who are called “birthers” by the Administration and its supporters and question the validity of his citizenship.

After sharply criticizing those who favor tightening up the voting process and enacting common sense reforms in order to ensure the integrity of the ballots, he started in on the birth certificate issue.

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“Just to be clear,” he said to the audience. “I know where my birth certificate is.”

As is usual for Obama, he chided his critics and mentioned that it’s still up on a website somewhere, arrogantly playing it off like it’s a settled issue.

“You remember that?” he asked pompously. “That was crazy. Haven’t thought about that in a while.”

While he may so easily dismiss the suspicions surrounding his eligibility, there are millions around the nation who still remain outraged at how dismissive he and his followers are over their concerns.

What makes his remarks even more angering is the fact that two well-known document examiners have recently examined the long-form birth certificate that Obama released to the public and they determined it to be a forgery. It’s said to be a “layered” document that had 20 points of forgery within it, according to the document examiners.

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Additionally, there’s several cases that have been brought against him regarding his Social Security number being a fraud. One such case was brought by Orly Taitz, who has accused the government of stonewalling her investigation and even fears for her own safety as a result.

If this were a Republican the media would be all over it, without question. Instead, they dismiss it just as he does and even make excuses when necessary in order to cover up for him.

Such a case is with the Social Security numbers that have been used by his relatives, as listed in the documents below. The same number shows up for different members of the family, yet nobody in the media seems to care one bit.

Perhaps one day we’ll be able to get to the bottom of who Obama is, until then it’ going to require people like us to continue to apply pressure wherever we can and demand answers.

Do you think Obama’s a natural-born U.S. citizen? Let us know with a comment, we love to read them!

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