Biden Tells Boston Bombing Victims “It Was Worth It”

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After the many gaffes by Joe Biden, it’s a wonder why he’s let out of the White House time and time again, but the VP recently gave America another shot of his foot-in-mouth disorder.  Speaking with the city of Boston regarding the Boston Bombing incident, he told the many victims of the tragic even that, “it was worth it.”

Recently giving a speech on the one year anniversary of the Boston Bombings, he let in on how those who fell victim to the attack have since, “survived,” and “soared.” Although this sentiment may not be held by all those who lost body parts as a result of the violent deed, his next statement surely wasn’t founded in unanimous sentiment.


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Sharing his admiration for the town’s resilience, he then proceeded to note that the gut-churning event that occurred just one year ago was, “worth it.”  Although the many who were in attendance of the VP’s message broke out in applause, the comment did not go unnoticed.

As people had time to digest the language used by Biden, Twitter soon became the source of yet another Veep bashing.  Amongst the first comments was Fox News’ Rick Leventhal who wrote:


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At this point, it’s safe to assume that Biden probably wishes his foot-in-mouth disorder would progress so far that sounds were no longer able to come out of the hole he calls a mouth.  What do you guys think? Let us know in a comment below.

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