Michael Bloomburg Spending $50 Million To Challenge NRA

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Former Mayor of New York City and firm gun control advocate, Michael Bloomburg, has launched a $50 million campaign dedicated to combatting the NRA’s influence in Washington D.C. and across the nation.

This morning on NBC’s Today show, he was promoting the campaign and explained that he’ll be merging his two gun control advocacy groups, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, into one larger group he’ll be calling “Everytown For Gun Safety.”

For those unfamiliar, MAIG is Bloomburg’s pet project that’s seemingly more concerned with disarming everybody than they are simply getting gun control laws passed, and former members of the group have left due to the corruption and lies it spreads. Moms Demand Action was started by former Monsanto executive Shannon Watts, then pretty much taken over by Bloomburg and his money.

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Both groups are known for distorting the truth and even making up statistics and other “facts” to push their agendas, and they’ve drawn fierce criticism from Second Amendment supporters who are fed up with the misinformation being spread regarding firearms.

In the segment this morning, Bloomburg said “This is not a battle of dollars, this is a battle for the hearts and minds of America so that we can protect our children, protect innocent people,” which is a common battle-cry for the anti-gun crowd.

After using children to justify his initiative, he then cited the number of deaths every year that are the result of firearms even though the numbers are highly contested since his group in the past has used terror suspects and other criminals in the numbers they claim.

“We’re the only civilized country in the world that has this problem,” he said.

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As would be expected from someone within the anti-gun crowd, he attempted to reassure the audience that what he wants isn’t gun control per-se, but more along the lines of the “common sense” that we hear so much about.

“It isn’t gun control. This is simply making sure that people everybody agrees should not be allowed to buy a gun – criminals, minors, and people with psychiatric problems – make sure they can’t buy guns – nobody is going to take anyone’s gun away nobody is going to stop you from hunting, target practice or protecting yourself,” he said.

Regardless of what Bloomburg or his partner Shannon Watts have to say, we all know their true intentions are to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens at any cost. They’ll use lies, distortions, and dance on the graves of the dead to achieve it, and Bloomburg has the money to push it as far as he wants which is a dangerous combination. As long as people like Watts and Bloomburg are given these platforms and continue to attack our rights the Second Amendment will never be safe.

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[H/T: Breitbart]

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