White Thug With A Gun Is A Moron

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White guys who think they’re gangsters aren’t in short supply, neither are dudes posing without a shirt in front of the bathroom mirror. When both are mixed and you hand him a gun and an iPhone, the results seem to always give us something fun to laugh at.

This particular idiot gave us a short, 6-second clip, of him spouting off some vulgar rap lyrics with what appears to be a Beretta model 92FS.

It was posted to the Vine website by a user named Dana All Laws, and the man featured in it spouts of his song and finishes by pointing the gun at the mirror. Not having any trigger discipline whatsoever, when he points the gun away towards the wall it fires, and as you would expect he cowers in fear because he’s probably never even shot it.

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The Blaze notes that in the comments section of the video people are arguing over the authenticity of it. Some people are saying that the lack of major recoil shows that the gun fired a blank rather than a real bullet, and others disagree with that.

Regardless if it’s real or not, one thing is for certain and it’s that proper gun safety is always a necessity when handling a firearm and had this man practiced trigger discipline (keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to fire) along with treating the weapon as if it were loaded then he wouldn’t have a hole in his wall.

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