Meet the Youngest Parents: She’s 12 And He’s 13

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Most parents are worried about being able to cope with the financial responsibility of a newborn, or sending their child to college, but not one of Britain’s most recent pair of parents.  Being 12 and 13, they’re both worried about getting back to middle school come September.

The parents have officially become one of Britain’s youngest parents ever after delivering a 7 lb baby girl just last weekend.  The mother, who is now 12, became pregnant at just 11 years of age when she was in primary school.

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This is especially hard to digest after the public recommendation has been made not to leave children unattended before the age of 12.

According to Wikipedia, “The education system [in England] is divided into early years (ages 3–4), primary education (ages 4–11), secondary education (ages 11–18) and tertiary education (ages 18+).”


The couple, whose identities are being withheld due to their age, have the youngest combined age of any parents in Britain’s history.  At just 27 years old, the new mother’s mother is also one of Britain’s youngest ever grandmothers as well.

According to reports the couple is going to keep the child and are intent on raising it as well as marrying one another.  According to a source close to the family, “Both sets of grandparents are incredibly supportive. It’s a very difficult situation because the parents are both so young – but their families are right behind them.”

“The baby’s mum and dad have been in a relationship for more than year, so this isn’t a fleeting romance. They intend to stick together and bring their daughter up together. They’re very into each other, totally in love. She is obsessed with him. She sees this as true love. They want to get married,” the source added.

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The brand new parents recently posted a picture on a social media site with their daughter and express that they are looking forward to returning to school in September.

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