New Trend Amongst Liberal Women: Au Natural Legs

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Society has dictated for quite some time that hair on the body usually is usually a trait possessed by men.  In an effort to rid the world of gender stereotypes in the name of tolerance, many Liberal women have taken to putting the razors down.

A new ad has recently stirred up quite the controversial storm after suggesting that women “don’t risk dudeness.”  In the comical ads for Veet (a hair removal product), it depicts women who don’t shave as men in quite the unique way in an effort to urge women buy their product.

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Seen as a hairy man in woman’s clothing the option to not appear this way is rather simple – don’t be hairy.  Of course as feminist women all across the continent have taken to beating their chests, the ads have attracted a bit of unwanted attention.

Supposed to have been sarcastic in nature, many Liberals have taken to reading into the message of the advertisement and have taken it to heart.  Expressing how the ad suggests that women must shave in order to be a woman, it’s safe to say, as always, our friends to the left have taken it one step to far once again.

One of the ads depicts a man lying in bed while another person’s leg wraps around him as he sleeps.  Awoken, he reaches his hand back to caress the leg of his lover but shocking realized the hairiness of the previously bare leg.

He quickly whips around the see that it isn’t in fact the woman that he fell asleep with, but a hairy man wearing the same clothes.  As a timid voice squeaks out of the man’s mouth, viewers hear him say that he just shaved yesterday.


Suggesting that women, “don’t risk dudeness,” the message of the ad becomes quite clear.  As society, in general, has operated for quite some time, women shave their legs and armpits primarily, with some shaving even more.

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Despite the larger majority of women participating in this common practice, feminists everywhere are literally outraged.  Putting aside the gender stereotype that they seem so adamant on pointing out, many just couldn’t leave it at that.

Throwing in the overused argument of “homophobia,” some suggest that the ad depicts just that as two men are seen in a bed together as the commercial is making a joke of it.  Allowing the ridiculousness to ooze just a bit closer to complete insanity, some even suggest there’s something wrong with poking fun as the man is dressed in women’s clothes.


Labeling the ad as, “transphobic,” (is that even a word), you can start to tell just how far feminists and Liberals are destined to go to let us know they don’t appreciate the commercial.  Now you see, this is just what “tolerance,” gets in a society of such diverseness.

There is no way, under any circumstance, that you are going to attain a society in which everyone is accepting of everyone no matter what they do.  In fact, if allowed to progress far enough, a society such as this wouldn’t be able to be defined as anything less than anarchy.

After all, we have to accept everyone for who they are, right?  The rapists, pedophiles and psychopathic murderers can’t help who they are and who are we to judge.  The logic makes no sense, and the insensible argument on feminist Liberal women is tiring.

Let’s just lay the facts out there; women will have an easier time shaving their legs than finding a man willing to accept a Sasquatch under her jeans.  Granted as relationships progress this mindset is likely to evolve, but when starting out, it’s a bit off putting.

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You gals stick to those ideals, and have fun with your cats in 30 years (hey, their hairy too)!

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