Ann Coulter SLAMS Rachel Maddow On Blatant Lies

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On Monday, an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, where she targeted conservative pundit Ann Coulter along with radio host Bryan Fischer, was posted to a YouTube page owned by the same people who made the movie “The Muslims Are Coming.”

Not surprisingly, Maddow was hyper-critical of Fischer and likened him to Coulter, who she insisted is just a comedian and therefore argued that she shouldn’t be taken seriously as a political commentator or a pundit.

[A]nn Coulter was revealed not as a political player or even as a pundit, but essentially as a comedian,” the ultra-left cable news host said. “She is a conservative comedian. That’s what all her books and all of her appearances are now. Right – that’s a form of performance art.”

Coulter is known for her sharp criticism of the left and no-holds-barred commentary, and has authored several books espousing her conservative beliefs. She’s also not one to back down from a war of words with a leftist feminist who pushes more lies than Pinocchio, so she was quick to email a reply to Breitbart in response to Maddow’s remarks.

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Breitbart had followed up with Coulter after seeing the interview and she replied early Tuesday morning, making sure to point out how horribly Maddow distorts the truth on her show and taking a few shots at the liberal nutjob.

“THANK YOU!” she wrote. “Spouting off political opinions is easy — comedy is hard.  Offering political opinions is especially easy when you make up stuff the way Rachel does, such as (short list):

1) The bridge in Minnesota collapsed because of Republican spending cuts.  (A year-long government investigation determined it was a design flaw.)

2) A census taker was murdered by right-wing anti-government types. (Another lengthy investigation established that he killed himself for the insurance money.)

3) Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped in Iraq. (The alleged victim — who by the age of 20 had already accused three men of rape — eventually admitted it was just one man, and the jury in her civil case concluded Jones was lying.)

4) Gun rights activists holding a rally on the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord were, in fact, celebrating the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.

5) Elizabeth Warren is a Native American.”

Coulter has long been critical of Maddow and other anchors on MSNBC for their not being willing to have any serious conservatives on their shows to debate them and counter the ultra-left reporting that the network is known for.

What’s unfortunate is that no matter what anybody says, Maddow and her friends on MSNBC will continue to report lies and be the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. The network has some of the lowest ratings amongst cable news in the country, and it’s more than likely because they only ever report from the left side of the spectrum and their shows are more liberal commentary than they are actual news.

It’s worth noting that their counterpart, Fox News, has nearly triple the ratings of the network and consistently enjoys being at the top of the charts, second to only CNN who has less than half the viewers.

The clip from Maddow’s interview is above, see what you think about it.

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