Eric Holder Admits To Being A Pothead

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Eric Holder has admitted he smoked marijuana in college during an interview with the Huffington Post.

He explained to the far-left website that he would disclose his drug use when he had to fill out questionnaires for federal background checks after receiving federal nominations, saying that it was “youthful experimentation.”

He told the Post that “Yeah, I certainly have said in my four, five, whatever number confirmation hearings I’ve had that you fill out the forms, that I had ‘youthful experimentation’ — I think was the phrase that we were told to use — when I was in college.”

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When speaking about how the decriminalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington State is going he said he’s “cautiously optimistic,” but that he also thinks it’s going to be difficult to gauge where exactly it all will be in a decade’s time.

“I’m not just saying that, I think it’s hard to tell,” Holder said. “I think there might have been a burst of feeling that what happened in Washington and Colorado was going to be soon replicated across the country. I’m not sure that is necessarily the case. I think a lot of states are going to be looking to see what happens in Washington, what happens in Colorado before those decisions are made in substantial parts of the country.”

None of this is truly surprising considering that the President has been photographed smoking marijuana and was the leader of the “Choom Gang,” who spent their off time smoking the drug. Additionally, both Obama and Holder have said they believe that anti-drug laws are racist, now we know at least part of their motivation to say that.

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[H/T: DailyCaller]

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