Immigration Biggest Contributor To The Demise Of The GOP

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A new report shows that along with destroying our country’s economy, massive amounts of immigration will eventually destroy the GOP’s chances of winning future elections. Although all the facts say that immigration is detrimental to unemployment rates, the education system, and the national debt, Democrats continue to support the idea of amnesty. Now, it is crystal clear why that is in their best interests.

Without a voter base of people receiving their handouts, Democrats would never get elected in the first place. Apparently, they are willing to destroy our country just to stay in office.

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James G. Gimpel explains the findings of the Center for Immigration Studies report:

“A comparison of voting patterns in presidential elections across counties over the last three decades shows that mass immigration has caused a steady drop in presidential Republican vote shares, particularly in the nation’s largest counties. Each one percentage-point increase in the immigrant share of a large county’s population reduces the Republican share of the two-party vote by nearly 0.6 percentage points on average. With the Democratic bias in immigrant political preference so decisive, it is no surprise that the rise in immigrant populations should directly lead to ever-growing Democratic majorities in the places where immigrants settle, and declining electoral prospects for Republicans.”

It looks like the Democrats have found the magic formula for winning elections.

The CIS report, which was released on Tuesday, found the same trend in all states with large immigrant populations, regardless of Republican candidates’ varying stances on immigration. It’s as though they all vote Democrat because they automatically know where their next handout is coming from.

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The problem isn’t just with illegal immigrants, either. The one million legal immigrants we acquire each year vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates as well. They tend to favor bigger government and so their views align to the left. It’s easy to see that when you’re not from this country, you don’t have the respect for smaller government and the power of the people that you should.

Scary news for the GOP and conservatives! If we don’t start standing up against immigration, it looks as though we can kiss our party goodbye. Let us know how this most recent report made you feel in the comments section. What do you plan to do with this new information?

H/T: Breitbart

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