Cop Dresses Like Amish Woman To Catch Sexual Predator

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Police in Pennsylvania were after an elusive man who was exposing himself to random Amish children so they did what any good detectives would do, they went undercover.

Pulaski Township Police Sergeant Chad Adams and a female officer both donned traditional Amish clothing worn by women in an attempt to either capture or scare away the pesky pervert.

The father of two daughters gladly wore the attire that was on loan from some Amish women in Lawrence County, which borders Ohio, who didn’t want their children to have to testify. He and the female officer from neighboring Wampum put on women’s bonnets, aprons, and dresses every day for two weeks while keeping their police belts, handcuffs and radios underneath.

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They walked the same roads the Amish used every day in freezing temperatures for a couple weeks to try to either capture or scare away the offender.

“We figured if he was driving down the road and saw what he thought were Amish women walking he wouldn’t notice I was a guy until he got out of the vehicle,” Sgt. Adams told the Newcastle News.

The 17-year veteran of the force said that they first caught wind of the suspect after an Amish child remembered the license plate on his car after he had stopped to expose himself.


Police believe the man is the same man from the neighboring county of Mercer who was sentenced to house arrest back in January for similar offenses.

Adams said that dressing like a woman wasn’t a problem considering that catching a sexual predator was at stake.

“I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I felt this guy was pretty much a predator who was preying on kids who had no means of communication. Basically, it’s all Amish population through there,” he added.

He also said that the only reason he has shed light on the investigation is because the exposures have stopped.

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