Liberals Push Interracial Marriage To End The White Race

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It’s no secret that National Geographic has an obviously liberal bias in just about everything it covers, from trying to convince us all that liberals and atheists are more enlightened than the rest of the world to arguing that people are generally incapable of making their own decisions, they’ve spread enough bogus claims to destroy their credibility.

In an October article they once again let us know which side of the fence they sit on by pushing interracial marriage in order to render individual races obsolete, which is something they hope happens by the year 2050, and now liberals across America are following their lead and pushing this narrative.

As we all know, it’s our heritage that makes us who we are and what made America the most prosperous nation in history, and in less time than it took anyone else. Everybody brings something unique to the table that comes from a long ancestral history that each of us are proud of, whether it be white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

However liberals are contending that in order to truly live in a post-racial society we must all abandon the pride we have in our individual heritage and seek to start melding our races together so we can avoid people being identified by the color of their skin.

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A recent article on the PolicyMic website tried to drive the point home.

The author of the article cited the National Geographic story as their source for why we should all work to create a society with one race instead of many, and it’s nothing more than a bunch of liberal hogwash.

They mentioned the Census Bureau’s reporting of multi-race people and how there’s been a spike in recent years. This isn’t a problem at all, however when such numbers are used to push a narrative like this it becomes one.

Calling these numbers “encouraging,” they went on to argue that the increase in those numbers are a positive step in being able to take race out of how people are identified, which they believe would make a more perfect society. They claim that studies show Millenials are more open to the idea of interracial marriages and that they’re “primed” to populate the nation without there being the individual races any longer, especially in areas where liberal ideology dominates popular opinions.

The article ends by pushing more liberal talking points, even blaming poverty for there not being a larger percentage of interracial marriages since those living in poverty are less likely to interact with a more diverse range of people, lessening their chances of meeting a significant other of a different race.

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The author then applauds the increases in interracial marriages, noting it’s a sign of a “rapidly changing” America and saying that we should all look forward to the day that we won’t be able to tell our individual heritage by merely looking at someone. Didn’t the Germans also attempt to do that? How well did that work out for them?

None of this should be surprising to anyone considering that the left has tried to destroy everything about this nation that propelled it to greatness. This is just another example of an attack on our history in order to fundamentally transform this nation into the utopia they all desire, where everyone conforms to their distorted worldview by abandoning the things that made them who they are.

It’s important to note that there’s no problem with interracial marriages, however to push people into marrying outside of their own race to make the world a better place is nothing more than forcing your beliefs down other people’s throats. The danger in ideas like this is that they disregard the fact that many people are proud to be who they are and want to pass their heritage along to their children. Not to mention that before too long those who refuse to marry someone of a different race than their own will be declared racists, because that’s how these people think. The left just loves to invent reasons to call people racist, so why would this be any different?

Wonder how long it will take for this concept to be taught in Common Core?

Do you think that people should start finding partners outside their race to create a utopia? Let us know with a comment!

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