Deviant Gets Locked Up For Urinating On The Alamo

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As the famous quote goes, “Remember the Alamo.” One man surely will be doing just that after being sentenced to time behind bars after urinating on the historic landmark.  Unfortunately for the drunken deviant, a judge recently sentenced Daniel Athens to 18 months in the big house for his crimes.

According to reports, Athens was found facing the Alamo when approached by a police officer.  The officer’s statement reads that the 19-year-old was, “making the motions of putting his penis back in his pants.”

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Upon further investigation, the officer noted that there was a puddle of liquid on the mortar of the building directly in front of where Athens was standing.  He was soon discovered to be drunk as the officer shared that the boy smelled of booze, appeared drunk and was almost toppling over.

A full two years later, the man’s sentence has finally been handed down and seems stricter than normal.  Apparently however 18 months is rather lenient as the act hold the max at two full years behind bars.

Athens got 6 months shaved off his bid by pleading guilty to felony criminal mischief.  Along with his 18 month stunt, the judge has also ordered Athens pay $4,000 in restitution that will be used to repair the damage done by urinating on the limestone building’s exterior.

As reported by the Mail Online, “According to police, the Alamo’s limestone absorbs salt found in urine, which contributes to the erosion of the historic landmark.”


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Athens isn’t the first to take a leak on the side of the Alamo as Black Sabbath’s lead singer, Ozzy Ozbourne did as well when he was in town for a concert.  After doing such, he reportedly bragged to his audience prompting the police to ban from San Antonio as a result.

What do you think – was Athens treatment too harsh or is he being made an example out of? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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