E-Cigarettes Unexpectedly Exploding On Users

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As many combat the terrible effects of smoking cigarettes, the invention of e-cigarettes has been generally accepted as a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes – most of the time.  It appears that there is a little unknown flaw regarding the technological advance in that, on occasion, they like to explode.

Yet another e-cigarette user has figured this out the hard way after her device exploded and set her apartment on fire.  Soon after, 4 fire trucks with about 21 firefighters arrived to put out the blaze and remove the woman from her residence.

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Reportedly, the woman was then taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation and shock.  The cigarette alternatives apparently explode when used with the wrong charger, causing the devices to overheat, and eventually explode.


This incident happened just days after another report of an exploding e-cigarette came to light regarding a woman in the hospital.  Apparently during the wee hours of Friday morning, a 64-year-old decided to light up her electronic device while wearing her oxygen tubes.

Thinking that an e-cigarette doesn’t actually require flame to operate, she thought the risk was non-existent. Needless to say, she though wrong.  While smoking, the woman’s e-cigarette exploded and actually caught the oxygen on fire as well eventually engulfing her in flames.

According to Mail Online, the woman, “is now fighting for her life after suffering severe burns to her scalp and face.”

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Surprisingly, just two weeks prior, another woman caught on tape the devastating damage possible through an exploding e-cigarette.  Just moments after plugging in the device, it quickly overheated, exploded and shot across the pub.


It went up in flames near a woman’s face who was lucky enough to turn away leaving only her dress and arm singed from the glowing embers.

Charlie Pugsley, from the London Fire Brigade Fire Investigation Team expressed his concern for the increasingly frequent occurrences saying, “People assume e-cigarettes are much safer than ordinary cigarettes, and in most cases they are.”

He went on to note, “The danger is that people sometimes use incorrect chargers which runs the risk of over-charging, which can potentially have explosive results.”  Urging the public to be careful, he also stated, “As with all rechargeable electrical equipment, it’s vitally important that people use the correct type of charger for their e-cigs to prevent fires which can be serious and could even result in death.”


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He also mentioned, “We are calling on e-cig retailers to ensure they are selling the correct chargers for the cigarettes.”  He concluded by sharing with the public that it is unsafe to charge an e-cigarette overnight and to make sure the right  charger is used every time.

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