Woman Freaks Out On Flight: ‘God You’re My Savior!’

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Passengers on a Tampa-bound flight had what might go down as one of the worst flights in history, aside from the plane crashing of course, when a woman on board started freaking out and spent the entire flight hysterically shouting and repeating the same phrase.

In the video that was posted to YouTube, the woman was frantically yelling “God you’re my savior!” over and over while flipping through a magazine, leaving the other passengers deeply unsettled.

The man who shot the video, Reed Stanley, said that her rant started about 20 minutes after they took off from Miami and lasted until they landed in Tampa about an hour later.

Witnesses said that as she repeated the phrase she began to contort and shake in her seat, after initially asking those around her to pray for her mother who had recently died.

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Flight attendants didn’t take any actions with the woman, but warned other passengers that if she tried to go near the exit door that they were to stop her by any means necessary.

The video shows a man who’s sitting next to the woman trying to calm her down but he’s unsuccessful, then shrugs his shoulders in frustration as she continues her chanting.

Stanley added some narration to the video so those watching knew what was going on.

“She’s been freaking out for the last 20 minutes,” he said. “She started off by telling everyone to pray for he mother who just passed away.”

He continues, “She went up and down the aisles telling everyone to pray for her mother.”

“The flight attendant has asked me that if she tries to head to the back door of the plane, I’m to block her.”


Commenting on the man who was stuck next to the frantic woman, Stanley said “I don’t know if this guy next to her knows her or not, but he’s been trying to calm her down the whole time.”

Shortly after the man’s efforts appear to anger the woman, who yells “don’t f—kin touch me!” then goes back to her seemingly endless chanting.

Nobody know what ultimately happened with the woman and she hasn’t been publicly identified yet.

Passengers were finally given reprieve when a message came over the loudspeaker and said to remain seated while the plane approached the gate.

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