Disgusting Parents Record Toddler Smoking Marijuana

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In a horrendously offensive video, a toddler perhaps as young as two or three is seen with a joint, taking a puff.  The video has since gone viral and prompted even a police search for the child’s parents.

The videos starts out with a small child holding on to a marijuana cigarette, where the child is then seen inhaling the smoke and exhaling it out.  During the course of the video, an obnoxious adult presence is only heard as the man recorded the incident.

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Heard laughing from behind the cell phone, the devious man is speculated by some to be the father.  The celebratory voice breaks out in a mischievous cackle before saying, “He’s smokin’ it,” twice.  The video was then uploaded to a cell phone video sharing app called Vine.


Vine allows users to record a video, of up to 7 seconds, where they can then share and comment on each other’s post. Needless to say, as the video became somewhat of an viral sensation, many viewers became increasingly upset.

The vine account that originally uploaded the video has since taken it down, but not before others were able to download the video.  Re-uploaded by a Twitter user named, “NikoWavy,” many took to lashing out on the man before he explained that he only shared the video out of his own outrage.

Since that time, the video has been re-tweeted some 39,000 times and has been revined over 6,800 times as well. Needless to say, as the video made its rounds, many people were quite upset calling the clip, and the parents of the toddler, things such as, “not funny,” and, “disgusting.”

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Making its way to another photo and video sharing site known as Reddit – known for its less than tactful user comments – it wasn’t long before the gang started chiming in.  Thatguy2366 wrote, “How the guy thought it was a good idea to both get a baby high AND film it for vine is unbelieveable.(sic)”

Another user by the name of Jjjohn04040 commented in saying, “some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children…”


Perhaps the most serious of comments came from Skidoorider21, who expressed, “After watching this I immediately downloaded the video, took screenshots and reported it to CPS in California as it is where the user is from. This is no environment for a child to be in. He needs a good parent not someone to hurt him or bring him down.”

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Although local authorities have yet to speak on the issue, many viewers of the video remain hopeful that the parents will be caught and brought to justice.  Perhaps the most frustrating thing in all of this is that many potential parents that could provide safe and loving homes for their offspring can’t seem to bear children, yet adults – and I use the term loosely – like these are allowed to produce pay check earning babies?


What do you guys think – what would be adequate punishment for such a crime? Let us know in a comment below.

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