BREAKING: Feds Planning To Raid Bundy Home

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Despite numerous reports of the feds backing down from the fight over Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s land, it appears that such a stand down may have been all smoke and mirrors. The BLM is still heavily present on Bundy’s ranch and now sources are saying that the feds plan to raid his home at anytime.

Supporters of Bundy’s cause came out in droves to protest the government’s attempt at taking his family’s land and livestock and mounted cowboys celebrated when word came that the feds had pulled out of the situation. However, it looks like the real fight has just begun.

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Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, revealed today:

“It was a ploy to get people to back off, to get people out of the way. They weren’t expecting us to get this amount of people here. They were surprised by the numbers and so they wanted a way to get us out of here. This was a ploy to get us out of here and then they’re going after the Bundys.”

The shear number of protesters who swarmed the Bundy ranch in support is a testament to the fact that Obama’s government is going too far and the tyranny will not be tolerated. Between 600 and 800 people were present this past weekend from all corners of the country. 

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Mack, who supports Bundy’s cause 100%, warned that the raid is a sure deal for Bundy and his family and it will most likely end in tragedy.

“If they do that kind of raid, I don’t believe there’s any way that could happen without bloodshed. Every American should be outraged by it.”

Bundy, who rightfully believes that the government is actively trying to shut down the American cattle industry, is the last of 53 Nevada ranchers still trying to hold onto the business which has been his family’s livelihood for generations.

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Sheriff Mack, not willing to go down without a fight, called out Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and even Glenn Beck:

“He could have called in the state’s national guard, could have called in the sheriff’s office, could have called in highway patrol, and he’s done nothing except assail what’s going on. That’s easy, that’s cowardly. I can’t believe that there are some Americans, and some media like Glenn Beck, that are supporting the BLM in this and it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Let us know what you think of this most recent report. Would you be willing to stand with your rifle pointed squarely at the feds in defense of this cattle rancher and the American way of life? Tell us in the comments section.

H/T: Ben Swann

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