Obama Administration Targeting Republican CEO’s

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First Obama’s IRS targeted the Tea Party and other conservative organizations, now there are reports of the Justice Department coming after Republican CEO’s by blocking huge mergers between companies.

We all know that Obama is neither honest nor ethical when it comes to following the laws of the land. He would much rather use his notorious pen and paper to sign deals for whatever and whomever he personally benefits from.

Case in point – back in 2009, the Obama Administration gave Solyndra, a failing California solar panel firm, a $536 million “loan”. Shortly after that generous gift, the company went belly up. Solyndra executives and board members gave exorbitant amounts of money to Obama, especially their main investor, Tulsa oil billionaire George Kaiser.

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If that doesn’t smell fishy enough for you, then take UnitedHealth Group. After the company supported passing Obama’s obviously flawed health care bill, they are now one of the only health care providers who stand to gain a substantial amount of money from the ACA. That’s not all. One of their subsidiaries was granted the $90 million contract to rollout HealthCare.gov. Anthony Welters, Executive Vice President of UnitedHealth Group gives obscene amounts in contributions to Obama, but apparently the White House saw no conflict of interest in all that.

It sure looks like Obama favors those who favor him. The whole I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine thing takes on a whole new light.

On the flip side of things, the Obama Administration has seemingly reprimanded companies with Republican leadership for no apparent reason. When AT&T announced their planes to merge with T-Mobil, government processing of the application was expected to take at least a year. It was a $39 billion merger after all. However, just five short months later, the DOJ announced a federal lawsuit blocking the friendly merger. Could it be because AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson is a staunch Republican who opposes Obama’s communist agenda? How about the fact that AT&T employees favor Republican candidates by 60%?

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An investigation into this administration’s crony capitalism is certainly warranted. Until all of the shady dealing are uncovered and prosecuted, the consumer will be the one to suffer. Merger approval or denial should be based on objective analysis, not campaign donations.

Obama once publicly announced, “We’re gonna punish our enemies and … reward our friends”. This could be the one time he was actually telling the truth.

H/T: Forbes

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