Ranchers Advance Despite Threats They’d Be Fired Upon

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An amazing new video has surfaced showing the last long hours of the government flexing what was left of their muscle during the rancher standoff.  During the course of one last final push, the rancher supporters advanced upon a position held by the BLM despite being warned that they would be fired upon.

Although cautious all the while, several protesters both on horseback and on foot were seen pushing toward a government blockade backed by heavily armed government forces.  During this time, the crowd made its way forward with their hands raised high demonstrating that they weren’t a threat.


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Despite their non-aggressive advance, officials were heard threatening that the men would be fired upon.  Although common sense would dictate that government agents would have an obligation not to fire on unarmed citizens, the case was finally driven home as the armed agents were soon seen retreating.


From there, the crowd broke out in cheers and celebration before finally being given the opportunity to retrieve what was left of Bundy’s “trespasser cows.”  In one last show of victory, the cows being held hostage were seen being corralled back to Bundy’s land.

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