Chelsea Clinton Pursuing Political Career?

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The daughter of two of the most powerful players in American politics has hinted that a political career may be on the horizon for her in a recent interview with Fast Company.

Chelsea Clinton discussed her life and her political aspirations with the business magazine, and let the world know that after years of saying she’s not going into the family business things might now be changing. Just what we need, another Clinton in politics.

“I live in a city and a state and a country where I support my elected representatives,” she said.

“If at some point that weren’t the case, and I didn’t support my mayor or my city councilwoman or my congresswoman or either of my senators — and I’m lucky to live in a state where I have lots of women representing me, you know — maybe then I’d have to ask and answer the question for myself, and come to a different answer,” she added.

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The now married 34-year-old lives in New York City with her husband, and explained that she’s been asked all of her life about politics and if she’s getting into them. When she was just three she was actually on the campaign trail for her father’s re-election as governor of Arkansas and a random woman asked her if she wanted to be governor when she grew up.

“I looked at her and said, ‘No, I’m 3. I’m just waving the flag. That is my job right now.’ Flag-waving extraordinaire.”

Her name also came up back in 2011 when a New York congressional seat came up and there was a chance she would run. Those hopes were quickly shot down, however, and Rep. Nita Lowley (D) took her place.

It remains to be seen if Chelsea will run for office, however with her recent shift in how she sees it, there’s a really good possibility of it.

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