The Video From The Bundy Ranch That Facebook Banned

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This past Saturday the Bureau of Land Management agreed to withdraw from the land that has been occupied by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy after a tense standoff between federal agents and American citizens.

The standoff came to a dramatic conclusion as protestors approached the agents, who had threatened to shoot all of them dead if they proceeded. The moment was captured on video by someone and has been watermarked by Infowars.

As of yesterday the video has over 100k views and growing rapidly, however according to BenSwann, Facebook has been doing everything in their power to censor it and not allow users to view or share it.

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As Mark Lofti notes, and anybody who visits or owns a conservative page knows, Facebook has taken a dramatic turn to the left in recent years and worked to censor anything conservative. From completely shutting them down to blocking their reach to their own audiences and requiring them to pay money to get them back, they’ve done just about everything in their power to make sure the conservative voices have been silenced.

When users went to click on this on the video, they were greeted with the following security message:


Apparently the people who are in charge of content at Facebook aren’t too keen on people seeing what happens when we use our collective power against the government. One can’t help but think that those in charge of the BLM, and throughout the government, knew that if a shot was fired that this would lead to something that nobody wants and they wouldn’t be able to spin it because of the alternative media coverage of the event. This case is an excellent example of the power that We The People have, if we’re willing to harness it.

So for those of you freedom-loving Americans who love to see what happens when the people fight back, go ahead and watch this video then share it with your friends so they all can see too.

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