Government “Seeks Slaughter” During Rancher Standoff

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As the dust kicked up amidst the rancher standoff and many people are returning home from standing in support of Cliven Bundy, some are bringing back tales of governmental devious intent.  In a recent YouTube video, two men claim that during tense armed standoffs with federal agents, it became clear that the government was trying to provoke a violent confrontation.

After returning from a several day bout with Bundy and his supporters, a man by the name of Roy Potter decided he needed to make a video before heading off to bed.  Speaking with a man, only going by the name of Brad, the two convey they have urgent proof that the government was seeking to provoke an extremely sinister agenda.

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The two men share that as Sheriff Gillespie announced that the government was going to back down and Bundy’s cattle were soon to be released, many were rejoicing at the victory.  However, Potter claims that just one exit down the highway sat in wait a fully armed SWAT team as well as a MRAP (armored personnel carrier) ready in case the conflict got out of hand.


According to Roy and Potter, there were many instances that just didn’t sit right prompting them to speculate on the issue.  The conclusion they came up with states that the government was intent on initiating a violent firefight therefore allowing for the full force of the U.S. government and military to come swooping in.

After taking the mic for a bit, Brad shared that at one point, around 500 armed “militia” had about 20 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) soldiers pinned down with, “no way out.”  The men were eventually so scared they pleaded for an escort out leaving anything and everything they had to save their lives.

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Knowing that the supporting group of Bundy was so large, the men speculated that there was only one reason a group of 20 measly men had been sent to protect a certain area.  They share that the men had been destined to die at the hands of a sadistic plot set forward by the government.


Shedding a bit more light on the matter, the two convey how as more heavily armed men awaited orders just an exit away, it seems that the local government was chomping at the bit for a confrontation.  After Sheriff Gillespie had announced that the BLM was evacuating and the Bundy’s cows were going to be released, a large portion of the group went down to the corral where the heard was being temporarily housed.

Bundy reportedly gave the BLM one hour to release the cattle or the men would forcefully take them as well.  Come to find out, it was never in the intention of the BLM to return the cows to Bundy after they had acquired them, leading the men to speculate that Gillespie was even in the plot to allow to government to demonstrate their brutal dominance over America’s citizens.

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It would seem hard to believe that fellow Americans would fire upon other Americans, but for the government to plot us against our brother would be nothing short of treason.  As we’ve already noted in a previous article written today, there is a very good chance that Obama had a hand in the crisis in Nevada as well.

What do you guys think though – could there really have been a plot to prompt a manipulative revolution? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.

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