Man Sacrifices Himself To Save Son From Getting Run Over [PHOTOS]

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A heroic father’s bravest act occurred seconds before he was killed in order to save his son from being run over by a large truck.

Hsiung Kuo and his son were traveling on an electric scooter into Quanzhou City in Southeastern China when the incident occurred.

According to police, the two came to a stop at an intersection. As they waited to proceed a dump truck comes into view of the camera and smashes the back of the scooter. Even as the truck was running him over, the 71-year-old Kuo rolled his son out of the way of danger so that he wasn’t harmed.

The dump truck was running over his legs and he still tried his best to get his son to safety and seconds later the truck ran over his chest, killing him instantly.

The images shown were taken over a period of mere seconds as the accident happened so quickly.

Kuo was declared dead on arrival when the medics got to the scene and his son escaped unharmed but was treated for shock.

The driver of the dump truck fled the scene and was later arrested by police.

There’s no further information on the story.

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