Obama’s Treasonous Hand In Rancher Standoff

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A lot of versions are currently circulating the web as to why the government remained so adamant on confiscating “trespasser cows,” in an effort to save a tortoise.  As we all know, the government isn’t too good with coming up with excuses (reference Benghazi/Islamic video instance),  but according to a shocking new report, the standoff with rancher Cliven Bundy may have gone all the way to the White House.

Like all things, it appears as if the issue boiled down to money as Obama, and his gang of hoodlums – including “Dirty Harry” Reid – stand to lose quite a bit if they can’t get Bundy’s cows off government land.  Now, we already know that corruption runs deep when it comes to just about any politician, but this corruption specifically teeters on the brink of treason.

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Although many are unaware, the government has been scooping up land at an unprecedented rate.  Of course, they will tell you something along the lines of preservation, whether land or species, need to be ensured and since we irresponsible citizens just can’t guarantee any such result, the government takes it upon themselves to do so.


If this was in fact the case however, then why has the government felt the need to take on so many instances that it justifies obtaining as much as 85% percent of certain states?  Specifically in Nevada, back in 2008, the government owned 84.48% of the state claiming it to be “public land.”


In the specific area in which Bundy was allowing his cattle to graze, documentation has been brought into the light showing that the government’s interest in such land, may not be so pure.  Even more eerily, since being put forward, the government has since taken down such documentation, and evacuated the area in which Bundy and his supporters occupied.


Dug up by Infowars, the government is set to allow China the use of American land in order to drill for oil and use in other energy productive ways. Back in 2011, the government set forward a plan in which China would be allowed to purchase up to 600,000 acres worth of oil and drilling fields in the precise location in which Bundy is allowing his cattle to roam free.

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As Obama has already fought to have drilling denied in these areas, it’s hard to understand why he is so eager to have another country come in here and take out resources.  In short, he is whoring our country, but what do you expect from a leader who does not respect the county in which he was elected.

Trying to weasel his was around the public spotlight, it appears as though he was dragged right in as federal agencies tried ever so hard to argue why Bundy’s cows had to leave.  Some reports mentioned that they were endangering tortoises, as we’ve all heard.  The odd thing about this is that the report magically came about as the government was pressing its hardest to get Bundy to vacate the area.

Surprising, huh?

Either way, other reports listed things such as one of Bundy’s hundreds of cattle being hit by a car, and other lame and insignificant excuses in an effort to make him look like the bad guy.  Needless to say, this didn’t work and the government is looking to lose out on the $5 billion deal with China.


As Harry Reid’s son, Roy, brokered the deal with the help of Harry no doubt, the father son duo is also at risk of losing quite the wallet padding.

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At first none of this made sense as to why the government would send out foot soldiers armed to the teeth to round up a few hundred cattle.  As the reports continue to come in however, the government’s intimidating intentions become clearer by the day.

What do you guys think – is this over petty grazing fees, or has there always been evidence that the government had ulterior motives? Let us know in a comment below.

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