Obamacare Holding Enrollees Hostage

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Remember back when Healthcare.gov just opened up and it was literally taking weeks to get signed up?  Well, if you think signing up was tough, you should try cancelling a plan.

An editor, Drew Johnson, with The Washington Times, recently did just that and found out what a headache it was to chew your leg out of the Obamacare trap.  Having lost his health care coverage due to the biggest lie of the year – “If you like your plan, you can keep it” – he was forced to check into the costs of healthcare.gov.

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Going through the marketplace, he was soon to discover that his plan cost about $1,000 more a month and he was getting less coverage.  He comically noted, “It’s surprising there’s not a link to buy a solid-gold eight-track player on the Healthcare.gov site.”

Johnson then relayed that fortunately for him, his employer offered a group insurance plan in which he jumped at the opportunity.  Finally being free from the grasps of Obama’s lie, all he had to simply do was cancel his plan – or so he thought.

He stated that, “On the same day that I was counted as one of the 7.1 million Americans that Mr. Obama energetically exploited during his Obamacare victory lap,” he was going to try and remove himself from Obama’s legacy.  The task proved harder than thought after Johnson experienced trouble trying to get on the website in order to cancel his plan.

Frustrated, Johnson decided to give the customer service number a ring in order to bail him out.  Turns out, after waiting, “15 minutes and forced to listen to an insufferable synthesizer-Peruvian pan flute duet that the United Nations would likely consider an act of torture by the United States against its own citizens,” he was finally able to talk to a real live person.

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Of course, after describing what he intended to do, he was told that they don’t have the capability of doing that and would have to be transferred to a “specialist.”   Back on hold, and listening to the same agonizing flute, Johnson shared that a message came through the music about every 10 minutes to call back after the March 31 open enrollment deadline to avoid hefty wait times.  He quickly snapped, “It was April 3.”

Enraging him even further, he then states that the line was suddenly cut dead blaming it on “technical difficulties.”  Having spent two hours on the phone, he gave up and decided to try again later.  He did just that, but the events seemed to proceed eerily similar in nature.

This time however the first girl told him “no,” she couldn’t cancel his plan.  After a verbal boxing match with a less than intelligent phone operator, he was finally shuffled off to another specialist.  Not so surprisingly, the line once again cut dead.

Expressing his outrage, Johnson sarcastically said, “After nearly five hours on the phone waiting to speak with someone, I’m convinced that an Obamacare specialist is like Bigfoot or Norm’s wife on “Cheers.” I’ve heard the tale, but there’s no proof they actually exist.”

He eventually tried his hand on the internet once again and was able to log on.  Spending a few more undesirable hours wading through the nonsense of heathcare.gov, Johnson was finally able to cancel his coverage.  He does say though that he was not reimbursed for the money he had paid for after his cancellation date calling it, “One last $100 slap in the face.”

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Finally free from his plan, he soon made an astounding connection – Obamacare was holding enrollees hostage until after the March 31 deadline in order to boast the highest number possible.  We all know that the 7.1 million was quite exaggerated, as they included those whose plans were canceled by Obamacare in the first place.  Along with these, Medicaid enrollees who already had the government funded healthcare long before the law were included as well.  And who knows how many actually paid for their first month of coverage?

Feel free to read a more detailed account of Mr. Johnson’s account here.

Either way, Obama and his legacy will forever go down in history as one of the worst pieces of legislation to be crammed down the throats of Americans.  What do you think – does Obamacare have the right to hold its victims hostage? Let us know in a comment below.

(h/t: The Washington Times)

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