Obama Press Secretary Decorates His Home With Soviet Propaganda

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In this month’s edition of the Washingtonian magazine, Jay Carney and his family are the feature story in which the author gushes about them, basically worshiping the ground they walk on.

The article is reminiscent of the attitude the mainstream media has towards our current president, and is nothing more than a glamour piece that idolizes Carney and his family, even listing off how much his attire costs in the pictures he’s in. Go ahead and read it, see what you think.

Unfortunately for Carney, the featured image for the article gave us more details about the White House Press Secretary’s beliefs than he would have liked us to know.

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The picture is of his kitchen, with his wife and two children caught in a still-frame, with his son flipping an egg. In the background, and hanging on the walls, there are two Soviet propaganda posters that have been framed and appear to be permanent décor in the home, nice right?

It’s great to know that the man who’s in control of the information the White House releases is also a fan of Cold War-era propaganda that was fed to the people of the Soviet Union in order to sway their beliefs. Kind of lets us know why it’s so easy for him to lie to the American people, wouldn’t you say?

I’m sure Khrushchev would be proud.

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