Huckabee: More Freedom in N. Korea Than in the United States

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Former Arkansas governor and host of the Huckabee show on Fox News, Mike Huckabee, was speaking in New Hampshire when he compared how we’re treated at TSA checkpoints in airports to how people are treated in the communist nation of North Korea.

He was speaking to a partisan crowd at the New Hampshire Freedom Summit and said ‘My gosh, I’m beginning to think that there’s more freedom in North Korea sometimes than there is in the United States.”

“When I go to the airport, I have to get into the surrender position, people put hands all over me, and I have to provide photo ID in a couple of different forms to prove that I’m not going to terrorize the airplane,” he said.

After taking a few shots at the cumbersome policies of the TSA, he pivoted to voter ID laws, which have been a contentious issue for some time now.

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Huckabee has long insisted that requiring an ID for someone to cast a vote is a simple measure that will ensure integrity at the polls, which Is something most conservatives agree with.

“If I want to go vote, I don’t need a thing,” he said. “All I gotta to do is show up and I can give ’em anybody’s name, and that’s okay.”

He also took a shot at Obama, who again repeated the common talking point for the left on Friday when he claimed voter fraud doesn’t exist, even though there’s been many documented cases and more revelations are coming out as investigations continue.

“The president reminded us yesterday that there’s no voter fraud,” he said.

He then explained that he’s going to show up to the White House unannounced one day and ask for a tour. Upon being asked for a photo ID to proceed he would say “I figured if I can vote without one, I ought to be able to come in and look around without one too.”

His speech rounded up a day full of fellow conservative speakers that included Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Newt Gingrich. He and the rest of the speakers were glad to take shots at the IRS, which has been coming under increased scrutiny as more evidence is presented that the deliberate targeting of conservatives was much more sinister than Obama and the rest of the Democrats have admitted.


He closed his speech arguing for the dissolution of the IRS, calling it “the criminal enterprise formerly known as the Internal Revenue Service … that is able to crush any citizen, any organization.”

He later told MailOnline that he’s serious about disbanding the IRS after they inquired about his speech.

“When I look at what they have become, and threat that they are to the liberty of Americans, it’s very frightening to me,” he explained.

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