Denver School Employs Illegal Immigrant Teachers

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In a shocking new development, it appears as though a Denver school has taken to hiring those that are in this country illegally to teach elementary school children.  On top of this, the school estimates that like the teachers, between 10 and 20 percent of students attending the school, are illegals too.

The grey area of the law falls under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which gives more rights to children who arrived in the country illegally before the age of 16.  The argument is that they were usually dragged here by their parents and weren’t aware of any wrongdoing.

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Being that they aren’t legally citizens, the children aren’t allowed to attend schools.  Along with this, although adults who fall under the DACA are legally allowed to work in the United States, they are often denied such an opportunity due to their citizenship status.

Denver Public Schools (DPS) have recently set out to remedy this and to say that it has created a bit of controversy, would be putting it politely. The DPS have announced that they are seeking out illegal immigrants, who fall under the DACA to teach within their schools.


Together with a non-profit organization known as Teach for America, DPS has adopted their new controversial recruiting process.  One such teacher, is a Chile national, and illegal alien, Alejandro Fuentes Mena who is teaching at Denver Center for International Studies at Ford Elementary School.

The school relays that the process not only allows for those who were brought here without the knowledge of any criminal activity, to have a second chance and to participate in the environment they grew up in.  According to Mena, “I came to the United States when I was four years old.”

The DPS superintendent, Tom Boasberg, explained the schools stance by saying, “These young men and women bring extraordinary talent to our classroom.  We have many, many kids whose stories are like Alejandro’s.”

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Although there is much controversy surrounding the school, the details of such an arrangement have citizens and parents even more outraged.  Although a hefty donation is given to the DPS by members of the Walton family (the founders of Walmart), it is unclear how many tax payer dollars go toward educating the illegal children and pay teacher’s, such as Mena, salaries.

At this point, Mena is just one of two teachers who fall under DACA status, but Boasberg expresses his desire to raise that number to 10 by the 2014-2015 school year.  In order to do so, and maintain a diverse staff of bilingual teachers, Boasberg states, “In order to meet that demand, we actually go overseas.”

Along with this, teachers who fall under DACA status aren’t even required to hold a formal teaching degree from an accredited university – all that is necessary is a high school diploma or GED.


The Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform has recently come forward to express their disapproval of the adopted policy saying that it goes too far.  According to the group, “There are at least 20 million Americans who either do not have a full-time job or are underemployed. This includes teachers. It is neither fair nor appropriate to hire unqualified foreign nationals to replace qualified and experienced American teachers.”

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Mena, and other illegals given a chance to work, however, feel a bit differently on the matter.  Recently expressed by the teacher, “If I’m working to the best of my abilities; if I’m putting forth my best efforts for the sake of these kids, why is that at all wrong?”

It would seem that there is more than enough Americans out of work today looking for full time positions.  Why should they not only have to compete with other Americans, but criminals that are here illegally as well? Let us know how this makes you feel in a comment below.

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