Former Exec For Sharpton Opens Up About The Cocaine Deals

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A former executive that worked for Al Sharpton’s non-profit back in the 1980’s has come forward with his version of events that unfolded just before Sharpton was busted by the feds, and it’s not too good for Sharpton.

72-year-old Robert Curington told the New York Post that the version of events that Sharpton said took place is a lie, and that Sharpton was actually eager to get his hands on a slice of the cocaine pie.

“It was greed. He just wanted money,” the former drug trafficker said.

Sharpton has been saying that he only showed interest in the drug deal because he believed the undercover agent to be armed, and that he became a snitch for the feds because he was being threatened by the mafia, which Curington says is all a lie.

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According to Curington, Sharpton actually tried to schmooze the undercover agent that he thought was a drug lord by taking him out to dinner and meeting with him several times.

Curington recalled that Sharpton’s escapades started in the office of Don King, the infamous boxing promoter, back in 1983 when an undercover agent posing as a man named Victor Quintana said he wanted to meet about a potential boxing match in the Bahamas.

Apparently King had a sixth sense to him, and rather than meeting with the man he pawned him off on Sharpton, who was quick to take an interest.

“King was sly — he knew something was off about this,” Curington said. “So he kept him downstairs and let his new best friend Al Sharpton talk to him.”

Since Sharpton was eager to impress his new friend, he “would spend cash taking him to dinner and chauffeur him around in a limo, feeling him out,” Curington said.

At the first meeting the agent brought up that he could get 10 kilos of cocaine in the middle of their dinner, explaining that they could all make a lot of money on the deal. Curington said that Sharpton’s friend quickly ended the meeting, appalled that the man would bring up cocaine when he was there to talk about boxing.

“Sharpton was hesitant to leave,” Curington remembered. “I believe he wanted to hear him out, but he listened to his friend.”

Their second meeting was in a hotel, Curington explained. Again Quintana brought up cocaine to Sharpton and his friend and his friend immediately ended the meeting.

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Curington said that on the third meeting Sharpton went alone, donning the cowboy hat and unlit cigar in his mouth he was chewing on.

The agent told Sharpton that he would get $3,500 per kilo and Sharpton didn’t hesitate.

“They sprung the trap on him right away. They got him.

“Al told me himself. He bit and took the bait.”

Once the snagged him he had no choice but to cooperate with them or face going to federal prison.

“Sharpton said they could do whatever they wanted with him after that,” Curington said. “Because they had him. Either he worked for them or they put that news out there that he was into coke.”

After this Sharpton would have to wear a wire and record murderous mobsters such as Joseph “Joe Bana” Buonanno, and Curington said it terrified him.

“He was absolutely frightened about the job he had to do for the FBI,” Curington said.

Ultimately, Curington said that Sharpton’s own greed is what did him in, and that Sharpton was essentially two-faced with what he was doing which led to his troubles.

“He was like two people,” he said. “He ran around trying to score money for his National Youth Movement. But you can’t be an activist and an opportunist.”

Of course Sharpton denies Curington’s recount of events, and still maintains that the only reason he even agreed to be a snitch was because of threats from the mob.

Curington was a record producer and music promoter that was sentenced to two years in prison in the late 1970’s on drug charges. He served as an executive for Sharpton’s National Youth Movement throughout the 80’s, but Sharpton denies that he knew about Curington’s past when he hired him.

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