Nevada Senator Speaks Out In Support Of Bundy Ranch

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As the situation in Nevada continues to escalate more and more people are picking sides in what’s turning out to be a Waco-style standoff over property rights between federal agents and regular citizens.

The dispute is over land that the Bureau of Land Management has refused to let a rancher, whose family has been working the land for over a century, let his cattle graze on due to a protected tortoise.

The BLM claims that Bundy owes them over $1.1 million in grazing fees, however Bundy claims that he has ancestral rights to the land that his Mormon family originally settled in the 19th century.

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People from around the nation have traveled to Nevada to stand in protest with Bundy, who says that he’s not going to back down anytime soon. Hundreds of armed federal agents have also amassed in the area, and there’s even been a case of one of the Bundys being repeatedly tasered by federal agents while he was threatened with a dog.

As the situation becomes more tense, more lawmakers are speaking out either for or against Bundy and taking sides in one way or another.

Two of those lawmakers are Nevada’s governor and a Republican U.S. Senator.

Sen. Dean Heller from Nevada said that he had a conversation with Neil Kornze from the BLM and told him that law-abiding citizens like Cliven Bundy shouldn’t be penalized by an “overreaching” bureaucratic agency.

The governor of Nevada, Republican Brian Sandoval, also spoke out against the BLM and said that what they’re doing Is leading to an “atmosphere of intimidation,” and he’s right.


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The BLM has armed agents everywhere, has threatened arrest to anyone not following orders, and has even set up “free speech zones” for people to “legally” practice their constitutional rights.

Both lawmakers have also expressed concern and they’re more than upset with the way the BLM has been conduction themselves with the Nevada rancher.

Just Wednesday, a video surfaced showing federal agents repeatedly tasing Ammon Bundy, who is Cliven’s son. He was shot several times by the taser and had dogs threatening him as well.

Militias from around the nation have also come to defend the rancher and his family, and they feel that violence is imminent at this point as tensions increase and tempers begin to flare from both sides.

“We want to get ourselves between this family and these federal agents,” said Brand Thornton, of the Southern Nevada Militia. “We have pretty strong feelings that this could erupt in violence.”

It will be interesting to watch this play out, however whether it will be a Waco-style incident or not remains to be seen.

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