The Woman Who Missed Hillary Clinton With Shoe

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Yesterday we reported of a shoe being hurled in the direction of Hillary Clinton during a Las Vegas speech.  After chucking the object, a woman walked down the isle of the auditorium with her hands in the air before being arrested.  She has since been identified.

Police disclosed that the woman went by the name of Alison Ernst.  The 36-year old reportedly snuck into the Scrap Recycling Industries meeting by avoiding security checkpoints.  With the extra shoe in her purse, Ernst allegedly walked up one of the main aisles, took aim and launched the shoe at Clinton from about the sixth row.


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After throwing several papers in the air, she turned around with her hands raised and jogged up the aisle before being detained.  As reporters and photographers managed to get a few shots of Ernst being taken away, she was seen wearing a bleach blonde wig that was soon discovered during processing.


As it turns out, Ernst is actually a brunette and was attempting to conceal her identity. She has since been charged with disorderly conduct and released with her court date being June 24.

The incident didn’t seem to slow down the former Secretary of State’s speech however as she joked it off to the laughter of over 1000 audience members.  “Is that somebody throwing something at me?”  She went on to ask, “Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?”


Finishing her less than fulfilling comedic session, she mentioned, “My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial.  Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like I did.”

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Reports later indicated that the papers thrown about the area by Ernst, “appeared to be a copy of a Department of Defense document labeled confidential and dated August 1967; it referred to an operation ‘Cynthia’ in Bolivia,” according to the Daily Mail.


Must’ve been the follow through where she went wrong – oh well. Let us know what you think of this bizarre incident in a comment below.

(h/t: Daily Mail)

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