Eric Holder: Congress Doesn’t Like Me Because I’m Black

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As the Obama administration continues to crumble under the corrosion of their own deceit, higher-up officials are now having to use the petty race card.  The torn, tattered and abused card was most recently hurled out there by Eric Holder after being publically reamed by Congress.

It seems as though Attorney General Eric Holder was a little more than embarrassed after being shamed during the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week.  Airing his dirty laundry in an attempt to whine about the wrong doings imposed upon him by Congress, Holder started to play his violin.

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What really got Holder’s panties in a twist was when Rep. Louie Gohmert expressed, “I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general, but it is important that we have proper oversight.”  Clearly offended at the time, Holder was quick to say, “Don’t go there buddy.”


Standing up for himself at the moment however proved not good enough for the Attorney General as he recently spoke out regarding his most recent embarrassment while attending the National Action Network with Al Sharpton.

Belly aching to the crows, Holder offered the rhetorical question, “what attorney general has had to deal with that kind of treatment?”  He then took to asking why the likes of Obama, along with himself, have been allowed to be treated in such a way.

Now this statement, although innocent when taken at face value has since been thought to have deeper meanings.  Even so blatantly obvious that Liberal MSNBC picked up on the hint and recently decided to talk about it.

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Now, of course, they were on his side and expressed that Congress is a just slew of disguised KKK members and that they have only treated Holder at a racial disadvantage, but that’s besides the point.

What do you guys think – did Holder truly mean what the public perceived him to have said?  Is it time the race card is finally retired?  Let us know how the Attorney General’s most recent claims made you feel by leaving a comment below.

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