Rand Paul Wants The Cockpit Of Every Plane to Have A Gun

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Wednesday night on the Sean Hannity show, Rand Paul explained a bill that he’s introducing that will prevent another 9/11 style attack from happening. He said he wants 100% of the pilots in America to be armed.

“The goal of my bill is to have 100 percent of American pilots armed because I think it’s a very cost effective. It’s the most cost effective way of deterring another attack on our planes,” Paul told the show’s host.

He’s also a proponent of allowing concealed weapons on military bases in the wake of the second shooting at Fort Hood, however this is a separate issue.

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“I’m concerned about what is the most cost-effective way of preventing another 9/11: I want all pilots to be armed,” Paul said.

He also went after Obama for gutting the budget of the provisions that pay for the program, even though many pilots would love to be able to carry while they’re flying.

“I’m at airports all the time. Pilots come up to me all the time and say it’s too hard to get a permit and to keep up the permit.”

With any kind of luck, the Kentucky Senator’s bill will help to change this so that pilots can defend themselves if needs be. We all know that Obama and company love to disarm people and turn them into victims, let’s just hope the rest of Congress is smarter than that and passes the bill.

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