Al Sharpton Caught With Cocaine, Turned FBI Snitch

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Race-baiting Al Sharpton is at the center of yet another media scandal, as it is being reported that he was heavily involved with drugs and served as a police informant back in the 80’s.

Video footage has surfaced which is proving to be extremely damning evidence against Sharpton’s character – not that we needed anymore evidence to support the fact that he’s a total scumbag. The video shows him negotiating a drug deal with an undercover FBI agent.

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It’s pretty obvious what happened here – we’ve all seen this story played out a million times. Sharpton got caught with the drugs and turned rat to save his own hide. Anyone who’s seen Law & Order knows that old line.


Sharpton is denying the reports of him ever being a rat, but do we believe him? That’s a big, fat NO, Jack! He said in a statement regarding the scandal:

“I was not, and am not, a rat. ‘Cause I wasn’t with the rats. I was never told I was an informant. So in my… uh… in my own mind, I was not an informant. I was cooperating with investigations.”


It’s clear how challenging it was for Sharpton to try and explain his past bad behavior. Seeing him squirm is so satisfying, isn’t it?



Instead of denying his history with drugs, Sharpton didn’t bother, probably since he was clearly caught on tape. He just threatened to sue HBO for millions of dollars for broadcasting the video. So much for all those lovely things like journalism and free speech and freedom of the press!


The footage was recorded back in 1983 and it’s being reported that Sharpton ratted out members of the mob. He must be shaking in his boots right now waiting for the next drug lord who gets out of prison to off him. If that does in fact happen, we’ll let you know with an enthusiastic report.

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I wonder how long before we’re labeled as racist for reporting this story. Oh wait, this just in – we’ve been called racist for exposing Al Sharpton’s shady past.

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