Obama Now Banning Handgun Ammunition

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According to the most recent reports, the ATF has recently banned yet another form of handgun ammunition.  Dubbing them, “armor piercing,” the Russian 7N6, 5.45×39 round has been officially deemed illegal.

It should go without saying here that in all reality, the Russian 7N6, 5.45×39 was set to be used with rifles.  After creating the AK-47, gun manufacturers sought to create a lighter, more versatile, form of the weapon and eventually came up with the AK74.


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Of course, the gun has a detachable barrel, and therefore allows the government to get away with saying it is handgun ammunition.  The best part however is the gun grabber argument that this “handgun” round with a steel core is “armor piercing.”

Usually it is us gun-loving, red blooded Americans that get screwed by the incompetent and ignorant legislation placed forward by those who oppose the Second Amendment.  If there was any common sense put into this, they would realize that just about any rifle ammunition is capable of piercing police officer body armor.


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Add this to the fact, that this ammunition is yet to be linked to any officer’s death goes to prove what the true intentions behind such a law really are.  No one is going to shoot the AK74 without its barrel and the round is a rifle round.  Just like any other rifle round (i.e. .223 or 30-30), it would easily penetrate body armor – this doesn’t make it armor piercing, it simply means that police armor isn’t specified to handle that type of ammunition.

Of course this just gets a few more bullets off the shelves, which is an apparent win for the left.  Let us know what you think of this nonsense in a comment below.

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