Christian Woman Has Eye, Mouth Sewn Shut By Muslims [GRAPHIC]

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According to reports, a Christian woman in Saudi Arabia has had her one eye and her mouth sewn shut for professing Jesus Christ as her savior.

She was the victim of savage Muslims who were obviously were offended by her declaring that she’s a Christian and sees Jesus Christ as her lord and savior.

You’ll see the photograph of her, left eye sewn shut along with tight stitching on her lips. This is considered a form of punishment by these animals, who think that anybody who doesn’t believe in their prophet Mohammed should be tortured then killed.

This type of barbaric attack is common in the Middle East as Muslims across the region are trying their hardest to force everyone in the area to convert to Islam, with many of those who refuse suffering a far worse fate than this young woman.

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Below is the excerpt from the original article where the photo was found, courtesy of WeaselZippers. It’s from the site ErsPress and has been translated using Google Translator:

This young girl was employed in Palmelkh Saudi Arabia had the audacity to say that Jesus Christ is her Savior.

This angered much of its official work, and who ordered his men to carry out the process was to sew the mouth of the girl in order to stop the expression and permission for their love for Christ Jesus, as they are ignorant of the Magi Bedouin herders of camels in the desert, barren, sewed her left eye as well as punishment , has been sewing her mouth and the same thread.

This underlines the strange and dangerous, but endorsing the reports issued by human rights organizations in the world, and women in particular, of what it considers a flagrant violation occurs in the deadly Saudi human rights system.

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