Racist Black Girls Bullying White Toddler

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A shocking video was posted to YouTube showing a group of black children bullying a white toddler, who was just three years old.

There were two clips uploaded that were titled “When white people piss black people off,” that show a little girl who was trying to play with a few older girls who are being encouraged to push, hit, and verbally assault the crying girl by an older boy who’s off the camera.


The videos almost instantly went viral, and viewers were very quick to use them as evidence of racism. Outraged people were sending threats to the parents of the children who were bullying the little girl, even though the parents didn’t have a clue that it was filmed or posted to the internet.

The toddler’s name is Mackenzie Peterson, and she’s seen on her tricycle crying her eyes out while another girls, a five-year-old neighbor, grabs her hand and starts hitting her with it, saying “why you hitting yourself?”

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The little girl then gets left in the street by the bullies, hysterically crying.

Another scene shows her off of her tricycle when one of the bullies says “hit her hard and slap her head like this.”

The next scene is of the toddler trying to share a toy with one of the bullies, but the 12-year-old older brother tells one of the girls to “throw it on the ground,” which she does.

When the little girl bends over to pick up her toy, one of the bullies rushes over and hits her again.


While the race of those involved was mentioned, there was not any racially charged slurs used by any of the bullies.

The father of the bullies, “Eddie,” who found out about the video when the little girl’s father went to his house and showed him, said that he was disgusted by the video and didn’t understand where that behavior was learned.

“I honestly don’t know where it comes from. We don’t teach that in our household,” he said. “We’re not racist, none of that.”


Eddie has also said that his 12-year-old son has had his internet and television privileges taken away as punishment for the incident.

And while both father’s have said that the matter is in hand, police did confirm they stopped by to check on the situation, but left satisfied there was no larger issue.

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