Entire Family Shoots Home Invader

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Apparently, a family that shoots together, stays together! The Pena family from Winter Haven, Florida was ready for battle when an intruder broke into their home early Monday morning.

40-year-old Mitchell Large attempted to break into the Pena household through a porch door, which triggered an alarm, alerting the family to his unwelcome presence.

One of the family members fired a warning shot, but the persistent criminal didn’t seem to care. He entered the residence anyway, which proved to be a fatal mistake.

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Large was met in the kitchen of the home by the mother, father, and their son, all carrying guns and ready to put him away for good.

The entire family opened fire on the surprised Large, who’s last thought was most likely, “Oh, shit!”

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Investigators are saying that while Large was found to be unarmed, the family had every right to to defend themselves and their property. Damn right!

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Large lived in close proximity to the well-armed Pena family and has a criminal record of assault and domestic violence. The Pena’s dodged a bullet when he targeted their family, but we can’t say the same for the criminal himself!

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The Pena’s have one other child, a daughter, who seems to have slept through the entire incident. Luckily, the rest of her family are not such heavy sleepers.

Criminals are getting stupider and stupider by the minute. I cannot imagine what could have possessed an unarmed man to break into a home after hearing a warning shot fired from within, but the world is better off without him!

I’d like to hear the gun grabbers argue their way out of this one!

Tell us what you think of the Pena family’s actions in a comment below! It sounds to me like they’ve raised their son right!

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