George Bush Cries Awarding The Medal Of Honor

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This video of George W. Bush awarding the Medal of Honor to a brave veteran of the War on Terror shows the former Commander In Chief tearing up during the momentous occasion.

It is entirely understandable how one could be so overcome with emotion, as the fallen soldier was unable to attend his own ceremony due to the courageous efforts which ended his life on the battlefield.

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There to accept the award on behalf of their son, were the man’s mother and father, who were choked up as well. It’s hard to watch the clip without feeling the same sentiment of tremendous loss.

As Bush said to the parents of Petty Officer Monsoor, “May God comfort you, may God bless America”, he did his best to hold it together. Then, after welcoming the mother and father to stand beside him and accept their son’s award, he wiped a tear that fell from his eye.

Bush placed his arm around the fallen hero’s mother as the actions of valor which merited the prestigious award were announced to the crowded room.

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It is surreal to imagine listening to the actions of one of your children just before their tragic death. Monsoor’s parents are no doubt proud and devastated in equal parts. Their son selflessly saved the lives of two of his comrades by throwing himself on a grenade and absorbing the fatal blow with his own body. This final, tremendous act caused his immediate death.

This is the harsh reality of what must be sacrificed so that we may live freely. Every girl and boy should be taught to respect those like Monsoor. Without his selfless service and that of his brothers in arms, we would not be the greatest nation on Earth. Show your support for all of our brave service men and women in the comments section!

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