Brave American: Medal Of Honor Recipient Re-Enlists

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A brave American soldier has re-enlisted in the Army after already serving in the war in Afghanistan and receiving the Medal of Honor for his commendable actions. Captain William Swenson is now one of only two living Medal of Honor recipients who are still on active duty.

It the footage from the ceremony where Obama honored Swenson, even our Muslim president can be seen bowing his head, praying to God, and proclaiming “Amen” after a prayer at the opening of the occasion. Perhaps Swenson’s courage and commitment inspired our normally irreverent Commander In Chief. He even quoted scripture after describing in detail the heroic actions Swenson made for which he was being awarded. I never thought I’d see the day, but Obama correctly referenced the Bible! This Swenson character must have superhuman powers!

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The war hero was incredibly humble during his Medal of Honor ceremony. You can absolutely tell that his actions were not in an effort to win awards. Frankly, he makes Obama look like a total wimp when the two are pictured standing next to each other.

All jokes about the President aside, Swenson received the prestigious honor back in October for his incredible efforts to preserve American lives even in the throws of battle. During a particularly bloody fight in the Kunar Province, Swenson coordinated combat aviation and helicopter assets. He then made his way to a fallen comrade and administered first aid, all while under enemy fire. Fourteen lives were lost in the conflict that day, but Swenson’s was spared. The Captain became emotional while honoring his fallen friends and their families during his own Medal of Honor ceremony. It is clear that this man knows sacrifice like many of us cannot even fathom.

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The video below depicts actual combat footage in which Swenson was sent to retrieve his fellow soldiers who had been injured in battle. This is no over-produced Hollywood blockbuster, but it will make your heart bound. You can almost feel the hot dirt being whirled in the air by helicopters as guns are fired in the distance.

Most of us can only imagine attempting to save a dying friend while simultaneously being shot at because we’ve seen it in a movie. Swenson, however, has lived that gory action scene in real life and has chosen to continue serving his country. It really makes the rest of us look like a bunch of pansies. One of Swenson’s brothers in arms said of his valor, “Will did things that nobody else would ever do”. That is quite clear when you watch the clip of him braving enemy fire to save his buddies without even a helmet on his head.

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After his deployment, Swenson left the service in 2011. He re-enlisted as an officer this year and was appointed Captain on March 14.

It is an extreme sacrifice to serve once in the military and go to war, but Swenson’s selfless decision to continue his service is quite incredible. He is the type of man that youth should look up to. He is the definition of the phrase, “Above and beyond the call call of duty”. We know his parents are incredibly proud. Show your support for Captain Swenson in the comments section below!

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