African Cannibals Eat Burnt Flesh Of Dead Muslims

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Usually, when a video of this type is reported, the Muslims are the ones doing the killing – and more often than not, they are killing fellow Muslims.  This video is quite the opposite as an unfortunate Muslim man fell victim to a hoard of Christians who killed him, burnt his corpse and began to feast on his flesh.

Instances like this aren’t all too seldom in parts of the world such as Africa as their uncivilized take on life allows for less than unacceptable behavior.  In January, Mr. Conservative reported of a man that had killed a Muslim man for nothing more than his religion.

According to the man’s statement, his wife and child were killed by Muslim men, and this was his way of getting revenge.  While stabbing the man in the face several times, the Christian vigilante was shouting the word, “Muslim,” over and over again.

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The dead man’s body was dragged from the bus where he was discovered and paraded around the streets before being set ablaze. After fully roasting the remains, the Christian man removed a leg from the fire and ate the leg to the bone.

This instance is eerily similar in that a Muslim’s body had been set on fire and several members of the community had come out to celebrate the heinous atrocity.  During that time, members also became so pumped up that they too feasted from the several burnt limbs.

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