Muslim Pigs Sexually Abuse Coptic Christian Woman

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The video shown was released by a group called “Free Copts” and shows a group of men sexually abusing a Coptic Christian woman in an attempt to get her to convert to Islam.

According to the people who released the video, the woman belonged to a family of Christian Copts who live in Minia, Egypt. She was convinced by one of the Muslims, who was her neighbor, to follow him into his house and once inside was surprised by a group of Muslims males.

From there the men forced her to go with them to a house that was close by, threatening to kill her if she screamed for help or made any noise at all. Once inside they stripped her naked and started to video her lying next to one of the men.

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Apparently their plan was to use the video as blackmail so that she would marry him by telling her family that the video would be made public if she didn’t. Along with the blackmail threats came threats of the same fate that another woman in the area had suffered. She was raped by eight different Muslim men and then murdered. Her battered body was then dumped like a piece of trash in a nearby graveyard.

Those men were reportedly set free by the police.

The man who heads the group Free Copts was allegedly offered 30,000 Egyptian pounds from a mosque in El Manya if they were successful in getting the woman in this video to convert to Islam. Fortunately for her she was able to escape them men and return to her family.

Apparently this type of tactic is being adopted all across Egypt in order to convert the nation completely Muslim. Young Christian women are abducted and then raped and forced to convert. There have been cases where they have been forced to marry older Muslim men and are kept as hostages for their personal sexual gratification. They are then killed once they have served their purpose and are no longer useful to the men.

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