New Trend Amongst Liberal Woman: Don’t Tame The Bush

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According to a recent study, shaving down in no man’s land is becoming a thing of the past for women.  As more and more people are coming out to speak about the less-seldom practice, it appears as if it never even mattered in the first place.

The latest poll concludes that out of the 1,870 that were interviewed, around 51 percent do not, “style or groom their pubic hair.”  45 percent shared that the reason for this is because they simply can, “no longer be bothered to keep up the grooming.”  The most shocking results came forward as the poll revealed that 62 percent of women believe their husbands, “prefers the natural look.”

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The idea of shaving your nether regions apparently came about back in the early 90’s when porn stars began to make a habit of the practice.  Feminist Caitlin Moran, author of How To Be A Woman, explains – almost in too much detail – how shaving down town came to be.

“Hairlessness is not there for the excitingness. It’s not, disappointingly, there to satisfy a kink…the real reason porn stars wax is because, if you remove all the fur, you can see more when you’re doing penetrative shots. And that’s it. It’s all down to the technical considerations of cinematography.”


Of course, as the glorification of porn obsessed youth wears off, it appears that most men wouldn’t be put off by an untrimmed woman.  As Beverley Turner, of The Telegraph, puts it, “Most wouldn’t recoil even if their beloved’s follicles depicted the face of Christ.”

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Of course the decrease in visits seen requesting a baring wax did prompt speculation amongst the beauty world.  Some thought maybe it was because of the colder weather lately as if not shaving would be the equivalent of putting on a sweater, but that theory didn’t hold much water.

As the poll suggests, women no longer care about grooming down there, nor do they have the time to maintain such a look any longer anyways.  Along with this, the added hassle of the itch as hair grows back or the painful extents to which woman previously went to in order to achieve the desired effect, just aren’t worth it any more.

Beverley Turner also brought up the point that the effect it has on children may not be that beneficial either.  Sharing how girls often shower with their mothers before reaching a certain age, the susceptible minds are easily shaped into something not necessarily meant.

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Stating that she even went so far as to ask her husband how he felt about the grooming practice, she relayed that he had quite the perfect answer.  Trying not to shoot himself in the foot with the loaded question he stated, “Well, neat is good: it suggests you’ve made an effort. But too little hair is a bit pervy isn’t it? We’ve got daughters. It would be weird if I preferred that look.”

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(h/t: The Guardian)

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