Frustrated Fast Food Employees Turn On Customers

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Three customers at Chaco’s Mexican Restaurant in Houston demanding a refund got much more than they bargained for when the employees of the place turned on them.

According to reports, the woman who were attacked have acquired a lawyer and will be seeking legal action against the employees.

“Anyone who sees this video is disgusted,” says Peyman Momeni, who’s representing the woman.

The fight broke out on April 3 after the women weren’t allowed to take their alcoholic beverages to-go. They asked for a refund, but instead the scene quickly turned violent as one of the employees came out from behind the counter and attacked one of the women.

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After this initial confrontation, the scene turned chaotic. One of the employee was even seen putting a woman in a headlock while she was on the ground.

A local community activist, Quannel X, told FoxHouston that “When you have a manager that already has an attitude, he don’t like the people he is dealing with, speaking to them without respect.  Using the b word to address them. That escalated the problem.”

According to the reports, nobody has been arrested or charged for the incident, which has people in the community concerned.

“Not one man went to jail for pounding, punching and pulling hair and wrestling a woman to the ground,” Quannel said.

The customer’s lawyer said that they will be pursuing legal action after the incident. “We are looking for justice,” Momeni said.

It’s unclear whether or not any of the women suffered any injuries from the attack.

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