New SAFE Act Allows For Legal Gun Confiscation

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As New Yorkers continue to squirm under the oppressive pressure being placed on the Constitution by elitist Democrats, many are still fighting back.  Most recently a lawsuit has been filed claiming that the NY SAFE Act provides officials the legal justification they need for firearm confiscation.

According to the suit’s argument, the SAFE Act, “mandates that law enforcement personnel seize, without a warrant, probable cause or hearing,” in regards to certain firearms. Along with this, the plaintiffs argue that the gun registry is, “essentially secret and results in a mandatory, warrantless Penal Law 400 gun removal visit from police.”

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The memorandum, defining the SAFE Act challenger’s position, mentions five main points:


Detailed further in the suit, “Under the State Police registration system, a similar issue arises.  By registering an assault rifle under Penal Law 400.00(16-A), an individual is forced to provide information to the State Police which will be used in conduction with the Database created by N.Y. Penal Law 400.02 to ultimately arrest the individual for being ineligible to possess a ‘weapon,’ ‘firearm’, ‘shotgun’ or ‘rifle’, seize the weapons and firearms, and prosecute the individual for possession of such weapons.”

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As outlined by the unconstitutional act, the New York Department of Criminal Justice (NYDCJ) has been tasked with supervising the gun registry. As this is the case, the suit argues that the instant the NYDCJ has ruled a certain someone be, “ineligible,” of possessing their firearms any longer, they instantaneous become, “vulnerable to imminent seizure of all weapons, without a hearing or even an arrest warrant.”

As the deadline to register rifles by April 15th is approaching quickly reports are showing that New Yorkers don’t have compliance in mind.  The most recent numbers show a measly 10 percent that have registered their firearms, and if Connecticut was any sign of what’s to come, they shouldn’t expect too many more.

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Democrats remain unwavering in their demands however despite every county outside of NYC, and Albany of course, submitting a motion to repeal the SAFE Act.  The Free Bacon reports, “Several bills seeking to repeal the SAFE Act were squashed in committee two days ago.  New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA) President Thomas King announced that all bills calling for the repeal of the SAFE Act were killed in the Democrat-dominated Codes Committee and would not be brought to the assembly floor for a vote.”

What do you guys think – will the SAFE Act lead to confiscation? If you live in or did live in NY, would you register your rifle? Let us know in a comment below.

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